The NZA2022 with the overarching theme “The Net-Zero Playbook – Building Resilience, Accelerating Growth” aims to provide the answers through a curated program; delivering changed perspectives and assessments to support government and business climate transition action plans in meeting net-zero emission targets. The Summit will provide essential discussions on potential net-zero carbon roadmaps to address GHG emissions in companies, industries, and cities’ own operations and value chains. Each session is designed to incite new ideas and provide valuable insights and guide policymakers and leaders in making informed decisions when developing climate-resilient policies and business models.  Development of green growth and circular policies and incentives to promote the uptake of climate mitigation technology in cities and industries will be part of the agenda to-wealth industry.

The NZA2022 will further elaborate on a practical net-zero playbook for transition to net-zero.  Focused sessions on embedded carbon reduction in supply chains from company operations to scaling up clean energy and energy efficiency in the transport and built environment sectors, and the role of ESG in environmental reporting to trading of carbon allowances and offsets for high-value carbons will be presented and discussed by the international experts, industry leaders and policymakers from across 15 countries. The Summit aims to deliver a clear and actionable way forward approaches and strategies, and solutions for the accelerated climate action plan in transitioning towards net-zero futures.

The key takeaways from the Global Net-Zero Action 2022 are:

  • What are the green growth opportunities in science-based decarbonization technology for industrial, transport and energy applications;
  • How ESG and sustainability disclosures and reporting drive performance and credit ratings of Corporates and SMEs;
  • Why the adoption of net-zero supply chain practices is necessary and how it opens up new opportunities in the global markets;
  • How cities can transition from low carbon to resilient, inclusive and sustainable cities through a net-zero carbon city concept;
  • How governments and corporates can unlock positive values in carbon offsets and the carbon markets; and
  • How to leverage climate green bonds to finance decarbonization projects