A Renewable World Order: Strategic leadership on investment, technology, and policy for the Green Economic Recovery

As the world seeks to rebuild in the wake of the pandemic, one vision has emerged clear, our recovery should be a green one with renewable energy at its core. As governments set about unveiling their grand plans for a sustainable world, the energy industry waits with bated breath to discover what opportunities lie ahead.

The Future of Renewables global virtual conference (8-9 Dec) has sparked the greatest renewables movement on the planet. Sixty of the most powerful renewable energy leaders will speak to 10,000 virtual attendees to set the stage and chart the path for the global renewable business models of the future.

If you want to de-risk your renewables business model and learn how to mitigate these challenges within the context of your business, you cannot afford to miss the strategic solutions and upcoming industry trends shared only at this virtual event. Free registration is open but for a limited time only! Visit https://bit.ly/35WKAWD