BIS GROUP is organizing a conference on EV Charging Infrastructure 2020 (ECI2020) which is the 3rd Edition of the forum. The purpose of the conference is to highlight V2G (vehicle to grid) application, the client of e-Mobility and e-Mobility charging services, EV customer, technologies and solutions to build an efficient and viable EV charging infrastructure in Europe.

The EV Charging Infrastructure, which is taking place in 2020 after the success of the past editions, is to continue the discussion on the challenges and opportunities associated with developing a charging infrastructure network and vehicle electrification.

The 2-day conference will have different sessions covering a wide range of topics relevant for all stakeholders in the EV charging infrastructure segment across Europe. It will present policies and plans for building EV charging infrastructure in key European countries. It will also highlight the latest technological developments and solutions to improve customer experience and interaction.

The agenda of the meeting is built around trends and projections for e-mobility and charging infrastructures and services, challenges and developments in advanced car-sharing fleet management, lessons learnt and next steps for public charging, vehicle-to-grid integration, heavy-duty e-mobility and smart charging of electric vehicles for fleet operators.

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Topics and Discussions

• The Evolution of EV Charging infrastructure
• The Future of EV with V2X Technology and Ultra-Fast Charging
• Testing and Certifying EV charging infrastructure
• New payments and insurance methods
• Technology solutions SaaS and business intelligence
• Embracing artificial intelligence to drive EV growth
• Policy & regulatory framework
• Smart Charging
• Amongst many other interesting topics

Key Learning Points

  • How to overcome the challenges and understand the opportunities in building a charging infrastructure network and vehicle electrification
  • Gain insight on how to redefine infrastructure needs in order to fit electric-powered vehicles
  • How to scale a profitable charging network according to user needs
  • Share best practices & experiences from different European countries
  • Examine the right approach to EV charging business
  • How to overcome the challenges in the operation of a fast or ultra-fast charging network
  • Gain insight on how to build an efficient and viable EV charging infrastructure in Europe