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Clean Energy Pipeline offers a customised research service.

Our team is available to produce thought leadership research, market and industry surveys, data mining & analysis, competitive positioning, company profiles, investment analytics and forecasting. Research output can be delivered in Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint charts, PDF reports or any other suggested format.

Our preferred research methodology is focused on the collection and analysis of primary information collected from surveys and interviews with industry experts. This approach enables us to offer unique insights on the sector.

Our clients use our research to identify trends and analyse their impact on their business; to broaden their understanding of a particular market, technology, geography or asset; and to produce thought leadership reports and white papers.

Sample Recent Reports

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Smart cities in Europe: Can public procurement be used as leverage to drive smart city solutions?


Lincoln Clean Energy Cost of Capital Survey Results - Summer 2016


Energy Infrastructure in the UK


UK Renewable Energy Finance 2016


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